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Fired for saying I was going to do something that is a violation of policy

(Ohio Unemployment Benefits)

The cell phone company I work for has hope line where we keep phones donated to help various causes. My brother in law needed a phone temporarily til they had the money to replace his. His job depends on a phone. I said to my boss"too bad I can't let him use a phone from here for a week or so" Later that evening I found a phone on the shelf---not in the hope line box- and searched the history and found it was not linked to an account and had been brought in by someone who found it. It had been there for days. I mentioned to my boss I was going to activate it-she said ok. Thinking I was just doing something we do everyday for customers. I assumed she understood that I was activating for my brother-in-law...she assumed I was doing it for a customer. Big misunderstanding. She had an interview the next day for a promotion and was asked if she ever prevented a rep from doing anything that was in violation of the policies. She used this as an example...never thinking she would have to mention names. She was wrong...She had to give The HR rep and GM the name.

The phone was never activated but was in my locker. I did not go through with the activation.

Now I am about to be fired for something I only said I was going to do--while thinking my manager told me it was ok. Can I fight this if fired and denied benefits. I do not have any blemishes on my work record and for years was one of the top reps. Thanks


Try as I might, I can't reconcile the gaping holes nor inconsistencies in your recounting of the tale that would lead me to believe that what did happen is anything other than work related misconduct.

If you'd care to try again .. I suggest you reread what you wrote and explain to me why you could reasonably assume your boss knew that you meant to activate the phone for your brother-in-law ..

And then used it as an example of preventing someone from violating a rule or policy .. and then .. and this is the kicker for me .. why the phone was found sitting in your locker activated or not instead of back on the shelf where it sat for days?


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