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Fired for shoplifting

by Betty

I work in a mall in guest services. I was accused of shoplifting in one of the stores. My boss knew I was under a lot of stress and that is the only reason why I did it. She tried to get my job back but the owner of the mall wouldn't do it. My work performance was very good and I got along with everyone. Because of this I can't find employment. Can I get unemployment if my boss tried to get my job back?

No Betty, I don't believe you would get unemployment.

The shoplifting, regardless of why you did it, and even your bosses empathy for why you did shoplift, does not negate that what you did poses a real harm to the employer's interest.

The owner of the mall cannot continue to employ a person who committed a crime against one of the mall tenants.

It is purely good sense to understand that what you did is misconduct.

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