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Fired for so called miscommunication, during exam week

by jaii
(north carolina)

So a week and a half before exams, I go to my boss, and I tell him, I need till the next Monday off, he assures me, yes, yes, he himself has been in college, knows all about it, studying and all the tests. He then reminds me I am scheduled to work on the coming up Monday, so I tell him ok, I can work.

I work Monday, week goes by as usual, and I am expecting the whole next week off, as we had this talk already, and was confirmed I would have the week off, only to find out I have been scheduled the following Wednesday to work, the week I had asked off for my exams.

Magically, during a study group in the library he makes this phone call, I do not have my phone, we are in a study group in a library. I never hear the messages till after all exams are done with, which is the following Saturday.

I go talk to him, and he claims we had this huge mis talk, and he said he needed to schedule me to work so I would remain on payroll, and how he knew I asked off, and thought I knew I was suppose to work, and all about how he was relying on me to work. I told him the truth, I had asked for the week off, you scheduled me, I'm sorry I couldn't return the calls, I was studying for my exams, he writes up this nice conduct report, about how it was a huge miscommunication between us, during my exam week, when I asked for days off. Now I am jobless.

Hi there,

Did the termination actually say that??? You were fired for a miscommunication?

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by: jaii

I believe it was stated in the report, but the main reason was because I had missed 2 days of work. I rarely ever missed work, but was fired upon a miscommunication for the 2nd day, I'm sure it says it in the report he typed up. I was there when he typed it.

I get the feeling when reading your account of what happened that there's some missing information. Have you applied yet? The state is going to ask for specific information.

I don't think I've ever seen a termination report stating "a miscommunication as the reason for termination. If that's what it really says, you may have a shot at unemployment, but my guess is you were considered to have quit by job abandonment.

You need to focus on the fact that you arranged for the time off.

Your account of what happened as you've stated here is sketchy at best and leaves me with a lot of questions and if you tell or have already told the state what you've told us here...they'll have the employer's account to fill in the gaps.

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