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Fired for violation of code of ethics

by Anonymous

Fired for violation of code of ethics

Worked for company for 3 years. very successful in the 3 years - won quarterly and annual awards - promoted 3 times in the three years. Received 4 raises in the 3 years. Employees must sign when getting a key - I signed another employees name for getting out a key - that yes she had signed for but we were transferring to new log. This is something that has been done by numerous employees and even higher levels of management. I was reported to hr for this after giving an employee a verbal for missing so many days of work. HR is aware that this is happening and has been happening for years, but unless it is reported they do not investigate it. Only way to actually prove that I did in fact do this - I was honest when they asked. Unemployment filing filled out by employer will state violation of code of ethics and summary will be signed another employee's name to document.

Hi Anonymous,

Since you were a manager and probably have some experience at UI hearings, you should know that if you can prove that this was a one time error in judgment that did not rise to the "level" of misconduct it will be tough for the employer to sustain their burden that you were discharged for cause.

I suggest you might think about focusing upon the fact that what you did is common practice and is known to happen and that HR does not uniformly enforce this code of ethics violation.
I have no idea how you might substantiate the contention, but you should try....possibly with your own first hand information as a manager?

On the downside is the fact that you held a position of authority over others and there is a perceived expectation that a person in authority should be held to a higher standard of rule adherence. At least that would be a strategy I would suggest to the employer.

If the employer plays it like this, I suppose you should counter with your first hand knowledge of others in authority who do this.

I also might ask you if this offense carries with it a requirement for immediate discharge or does it also provide for discretion by the employer to also "warn you". If so, your stellar service record might have use in proving the employer's reaction was to harsh and severe.

Often times the trick to getting unemployment or for an employer to prove someone shouldn't get it, comes down to who puts the best spin on the facts. The states are mandated to give unemployment if they can find any reason to do so under their statutes.

I never suggest being anything, but truthful.

But I do think that playing up the strengths of your position and to exploit the weaknesses of the other side is....well, a cue every claimant should take from employers...because they have someone doing it for them every day of the week at unemployment hearings.

You didn't really ask a specific question so I just rambled a bit. If you have a specific question, let me know.

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Fired for opening an account for a friend.
by: Anonymous

After working with Regions Bank/Gville GA for 8yrs . I never called in sick ,always meet my sales quotes, bought in new customers. I loved my job . You build rapport w/customers and know a lot about there families. Banks have call nights where we call customers to uncover any needs,services,etc.. We have a # of accountds that need to be opened we are told by managers call your "family and friends" to get accounts.

4/2011 I was called into conference room by 2 Regions Bank Corp. Security Officers and accused of taking a check made out to RBC Bank for a Regions Bank deposit...Corporate security then accused me of theft and asking once that check was returned how was I going to pay it and that they would press charges. Well it happens to be that Regions Corp Security had the wrong check . Then 1 week later I get fired for opening an account for my friend . "Violation of company rules"

Yet another manager was fired for violating rules and she got unemployment. -I Feel totally discrimanated against since I not American.

My manager said don't worry Human Resources said the woldnt deny you unemployment. Well guess what ! I was declined!

Then appeal. It's that simple. It is the process that most unemployed people fail to follow through on.

My only advice .. is don't go to an unemployment appeal hearing without preparing to learn how to self represent .. which for most people is a mistake anyway.

This is why I offer the
referral form to an affordable and experienced unemployment rep.

So, you don't need to take a crash course in how to be an effective pro se litigant at an unemployment hearing.

Build the case that the discharge was not for misconduct .. and then present it .. which is the tough part .. at least, that's my opinion.

Most claimants get so nervous .. they have to peel their tongues off the roof of their mouth due to dry mouth just to talk at the hearing.

Don't shout .. fight back with intent and purpose all held up with a valid legal argument.


Code of conduct rule violation
by: Chris - (webmaster)

What state are you located in? This website doesn't offer a service....yet, but if I knew what state it was I'd be happy to let you know if there is any help...either free or low-cost offered by the state.

In reponse to your advice
by: Anonymous

I was an assistant manager. My Branch manager took a different location. I was told that I was not ready for the branch manager position but I would serve as acting manager until the position was filled. The position was open for 2 months and was recently told that it would not be filled for at least 3 months or so. I feel that if I was not forced to do a job that I clearly told them I knew I was not ready and that they also told me I was not ready for, then I would still have a job today.
I was told by hr thatshe has been told similiar comments to mine that this is very common and consistently going on but until it is reported that they do not investigate.
Hr also told me that she did not know prior to meeting with me whether or not I would let go. I was nothing but honest and in the end that cost me my job. She also stated that she could not go back on a decision after it was made. These comments came from her the day after I was fired. At the time I was too upset and in shock. I left and when gathered myself I called her the next day and truely after speaking with her felt that had I defended myself then again I would still have a job today.
One other concern that I have is that, recently all salary employees pay was cut by 5% and hourly 5% cuts in their hours. We were told numerous times that if we were not down 2and a 1/2 fte by April 1st there would be manadorty layoffs - and that means bad publicity in the banking world at this time.
There are people there today that have missed more days than allowed due to the employee handbook and they are also people there who have violated customer confidentiality, compromised customer information, etc. which is also listed in the employee handbook.
To the best of my knowledge they have a zero tolerance to ethics violations but I do also know that it is at district manager's discretion. I have never been been to a UI hearing, I have never been fired. I am going to file for unemployment tomorrow and I am looking for advice or help if indeed I need to appeal if I am denied.

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