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Fired from Church job in Florida for reporting assaults

by SuckerPunched

I think I'm screwed. I started a job at my church and was sexually harassed my another employee. I tried to report it to my supervisor but she wouldn't listen - too busy sharing her own sexual escapades. Then the sexual harasser sexually assaulted me and I finally went to another supervisor to report it. It was escalated, with the harasser being fired for "other reasons". I was told to be careful around campus and be sure that people always knew where I was. Then the supervisor invited the fired employee in to help him with his resume, which scared me and I reported it. I spoke to the lead pastor then about fearing retaliation and then they proceeded to retaliate against me. They asked me to sign a form saying I would do an 100% perfect job for 4 weeks or get fired. I didn't sign, saying I thought I needed an attorney. Then, when getting a copy of my performance evaluation, my supervisor physically attacked me and was arrested, released with a citation that should would appear. I was suspended with pay for 6 days, then fired for "poor performance". I can't collect unemployment from a church job because churches do not have to pay unemployment. She's still working, and they offered me 4 weeks pay if I signed off on all action against them, including battery charges against the supervisor. And almost no lawyer wants to touch it, only the real sharks. I just want what be unemployment benefits until I find other work and for this woman to be fired. I am so screwed it's not even funny.

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Working for a church
by: Chris

When it comes to working for a church and unemployment benefits .... It's a state specific issue because the federal guidelines don't prohibit coverage for unemployment entirely .. so it's up to the states to add the protection for some employees by outlining in statute when, what, and who.

This information is provided by the USDOL's "coverage chartbook" .. and since unemployment laws do change (and there were quite a few changes this past year .. be sure to click 2010.

But I can't explain why you can't find a reputable lawyers .. especially with all those police reports.

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