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fired in Florida/ Living in California

by Paula
(Long Beach, CA Los Angeles County)

I worked in Florida for 7 years, and was fired from my job. I moved to California 10 months ago after being fired and have lived off my savings while actively searching for employment. My savings are running out and I am still unemployed.

Can i still collect unemployment, and if so from which state? Florida where I was employed or California where I now reside?
Thanks for your help!

Hi Paula,

Although I don't know if you will be able to collect unemployment, I do think you would still be able to monetarily qualify based upon your wages in Florida.

Any benefits would be coming from the State of Florida, but you should be able to file through either state.

If you file through CA it would be an interstate claim or CA would basically be playing the part of facilitator .. and you would have to register through the CA and comply with CA's job search requirements .. at least this is how it usually works.

But you better hurry .. because with each passing quarter .. you are losing a quarter of wages off the back end of your base period.

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