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Fired in retaliation

by Yvette

I reside and used to work in Florida. I had been employed for 6 months.

The 90 day review that I received was very positive with many of my scores above average. The position that I was hired for had been created prior to my joining the company and I was the first to fill the position.

I organized everything and did everything that was asked of me from my boss almost immediately even though she frequently interrupted my regular flow of work. I began to feel overwhelmed at times as she was delegating much of her own duties to me because I accepted them without question.

She would fail to complete work during a particular month and then forward it to me the following month. She recently had started assigning more tasks and responsibilities and I inquired about if this would include a raise and her answer was no.

I asked HR for a job description and was put off for a few weeks (he was busy). I was told that because I was the first in the position, that a job description would have to be written.

As my boss continued to pile on the work, I began to wonder if she was trying to force me to quit. I then asked her for a job description because I thought that it made sense because my position was one that she requested. She asked why I needed it and I told her so that I can prioritize and organize my workload.

It seemed like from that moment on she was very unprofessional and rude. Within 1 week from requesting the job description, I was written up twice (attendance & internet policy) and fired. I had begun to suspect something and had begun to document our conversations and forwarded many emails to my home address.

I believe that she probably spoke with HR and he told her how to fire me with cause so that I would not be eligible for unemployment.

I have filed and am awaiting a decision and a check. I was fired on 10/22/2008, filed the same day & claimed first weeks on 11/03/2008.

Hi Yvette,

Which rule violation were you fired for? Attendance or Internet?

States are interested in the final incident. Attendance policies, at least reasonable ones... require more than one write-up. Internet policies may allow for immediate termination.

Emails are good as long as they support your contention of retaliation. And that excellent 90 day review will add weight to your contention.

Be sure and follow up with what happens.

Good Luck,


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