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Fired under Severed Misconduct in NJ

by anonymous
(New Jersey Unemployment Benefits)

I was hurt at work and then had to take a urine test which I thought would not be a big deal but then I was fired under Severe Misconduct cause doctor said I smoked marijuana and they found THC on my urine test, but the twist is that I don't do drugs. However I take Hemp Protein and Hemp Milk and that week I had a cold and took some cold/flu medication. Could it been the result of my failure test?

I changed your name to anonymous because it really isn't all that common and well .. that kind of privacy issue concerns me when I know most people are looking for jobs and employers now google everyone.

I'd say you have some research in your future.

I assume these things are legal to procure and consume in NJ????

You need some evidence that these things made of hemp (thought that was made sterile somehow in the US, unless for the states allowing medicinal) can trigger a false/positive or maybe even a valid positive test for THC .. or whatever the metabolyte is called.

What else can you do? .. Lay down and give up?

You have to offer some sort of viable alternative explanation to contradict the drug test .. which by the way .. is mandatory in many states when someone is hurt on the job for the worker comp insurance.

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