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fired while on fmla

by Pamela

I was terminated after going on short term disability.I still had 2 weeks of fmla left.I wasn't told my std wasn't approved for almost 3 weeks.I had even went back to work for 2 weeks when they called and told me that my std wasn't approved and I was absent without leave. And they said that was just cause.I filed for unemployment but was denied 3 times I have a hearing coming up. What are my chances of winning?

If you were denied, the reason or fault for the separation is being attributed to something you did or more likely, something you did not do.

That fact that you tell me you have already been denied 3 times in Ohio is what's confusing me. I would expect to hear that you were denied initially and again with the request for redetermination and have yet to be denied the third time at hearing.

Would you like share the details with me?

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