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Fired with out just cause Florida -

by Andrea
(Holly Hill, Florida )

I worked on this medical job for 30 days. I came to work on time, followed company rules and was always told "You are doing a great job keep up the good work". Then 15 days later I got fired. The person who was my "Mentor" was not really my "Mentor" I think at the very end she went and complained on me and wanted me to get fired.

I was always mannerable, polite, helpful and a postive employee. However, I feel that my "Mentor" was jealous of me I am a college educated young woman and she is a 50 year old uneducated women. However, I got fired after 30 days. When I was terminated by the HR hiring person "I hate to do this you are a very good employee".

I do not know why I was fired she kept on repeating "I hate to do this you are a very good employee" that is all the HR Hiring manger kept saying.

Now in June 2008 I was laid off of a job after 10 years and was collecting unemployment until I started this new job I thought? Then only after one month I was terminated and I was so hurt.

I was told to go claim my weeks and keep claiming. The unemployment dept. told me that just because the company fired you and gave you no cause and then another agency called my old employer to ask "Why I was Fired" all they told the people was I worked from 12-1-08- 1-13-09" that is all that they will say. Now UI says the company has to give UI a "reason" why I was terminated.

The old company I worked for said I have to put in "writing to let people know why?
I was terminated", Does this make any sense to you?
I does not make sense to me.

Then through the company grapevine I was told I was fired for having an attitude and was trying to be every-bodies boss. Which trust me in these economic times I did no such things at all. I was always a goody-good employee.

Please Help Me.

Hi Andrea,

No, that does not make sense to me. I'm going to try to simplify things because all you really want to do is get your unemployment benefits back.

1. You opened a claim in 6/08 when you were laid off. You collected unemployment..and it sounds like you may have been or were about to collect "Emergency Unemployment from the Federal government when you started the new job in 12/08.

2. When you began the new employment it then became your "most recent work" and is now the employment the state has to look at to decide if you are entitled to further unemployment. Start reading at (2)

3. The State of Florida has sent a request to the last employer to let them know you have filed for continuing benefits. Your last employer has a certain amount of time to respond.

4. The State will issue a determination. If it says you are denied due to "misconduct" you need to appeal. If the employer did not give you an opportunity to correct any supposed behavior it's doubtful they will be able to sustain their burden of proof.

If it is a monetary determination saying you are not entitled....appeal. You should still be eligible for the EUC.

It is very important to read everything you receive from the state and respond accordingly within the time limits allowed. Everything has a deadline to respond or appeal.

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