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Fired without good cause in Florida

by Patricia

I worked with a woman who was very jealous of any new employees. She had been saying very vicious things about me.

I told my Supervisor and she said that she would take care of it. I went to work after being off for two days. When I went in she was not there. She did come in later and I did confront her as I had been told that morning she had again said some really bad things about me.

Please bear in mind that I really did not know this woman. When we worked together she was very foul mouth and offensive.

She denied that she had said anything and I simply said I did not believe her. It did cause an uncomfortable feeling and since she had been there longer than me I was asked to leave.

There was later a petition taken out to have her relieved of her duties or other patrons would leave as she is certainly not liked by the patrons.

I had nothing to do with the petition and was told of it later. I feel it was totally unfair the way things were handled and that I was not given a chance to tell my side of the story.

I had talked to Lanay {supervisor} and she herself said that the girl in question was very abrasive and that she did not want me to be uncomfortable at work, however, the bar manager felt she needed her as she herself was not sure of what to order correctly.

I was never warned of anything. In fact I was always praised for doing a good job. I was never late and I never once called in sick. The whole thing was handled very shabbily. I did not deserve to lose my job.

Hi Patricia,

Have you applied for unemployment?

Were you denied unemployment?

How long were you employed with this employer?

What exactly did the employer say was the reason you were being fired?

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Yes I have filed for unemployment
by: Patricia

Yes I have filed for unemployment. I do not know if I will be approved. If not, I certainly will appeal it. Lanay asked me to wait for her in the lobby. I did. She simply said that under the circumstances that we should part ways. I had only worked there about four months. I had made a lot of good acquaintances there. Since I do not drink alcohol there was a huge problem. When I would relieve the person in question, I always had to restock, etc. She was always drunk and did not do her job. I only worked with her that one nite and she said we were $110.00. I had never been short on money that way and was forced to pay back $55.00 that I had worked hard for.That was also part of the problem. Besides the fact that this person had made me out to be almost a prostitute. Purely out of jealousy.

Hi Patricia,

Thanks. Please let us know what the state decides and how everything works out. The whole point of this website is to enable all of us to understand what we might be able to expect from a state as to how they decide these issues initially and what happens when we appeal.


Fired without due cause!
by: Patricia

I was awarded unemployment. The state said that due to the nature of the situation, I was not fired for misconduct... Justice!!!!!!!!!!!!

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