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FL City Public Library Letting Go 6 Part-Time Employees

Hello, I work part-time at the Wildwood (FL) Public Library (about 2 1/2 yrs now).

My 5 P/T co-workers and I will be "Separated" from the City of Wildwood (our current employer) this Oct. 1st (2009). On that date, our City Library will become part of the County Library System.

Our 6 part-time positions will become 4 full-time positions, as the County has no part-time employees.

The majority of us have worked for the City for several years, and do not plan to work full-time in October.

Will my co-workers and I be eligible for FL Unemployment Benefits at that time?

My boss told a co-worker and I yesterday that the City would simply deny our Unemployment Claims in October, thus freeing them from paying benefits. Is this legal?

Thank you very much for your time and attention.


Well isn't that special .. a boss that thinks they make unemployment decisions.

I want to be careful with my answer because you are all part timers who do not plan on looking for full time work. This is one of the biggest injustices in the UI world .. well that's my opinion anyway:)

The charts I use to answer a number of monetary, provision, and disqualification questions is
the various chartbooks at the USDOL.

I am fairly certain that even part timers can meet the monetary requirements of Florida.

But the thing the employer may see as the reason you will be denied is because you will be limiting your ability and availability to part-time work. In other words if they offer you one of those full-time position they might protest your claim as a refusal of suitable work.

Table 5-10 in the Nonmonetary chartbook shows that Florida doesn't have a part time worker provision, but Florida doesn't have many provisions at all .. because they "interpret" their law.

The table leads me to believe that if you can establish a history of part time work you should be able to qualify and still limit your availability. You'll have to tell me if I'm right or wrong.

I would normally like to follow this information with a link to the state's UI precedents or adjudication precedent manual, but the only thing I have found is this. I am clueless as to how you can find what you need .. maybe those skilled in research can figure it out:))

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Jul 04, 2009
Reply to Your Comments
by: Elisabeth

Thank you SO MUCH for your prompt reply!

My co-workers and I have been lost and feeling quite helpless, due to this part-time/full-time issue.

As usual, the State's (Florida's) laws/regulations appear ambiguous to us.

We cannot file Unemployment Claims until we are actually Terminated, at the end of Sept. 2009.

Of course we'd rather NOT wait until then to find out whether we qualify for Unemployment under Florida Law.

I believe that what we all want is to keep our jobs, under perhaps a job-sharing agreement, rather than to collect Unemployment.

We are very fond of our library patrons, and provide them with exceptionally good service. Why deny the Public what they presently have? This seems to me to be a tragedy in the making.

You're very welcome.

I hope things work out. I am one of those "types of patrons" that honestly likes consistency and enjoy developing pleasurable relationships with those I come in contact while moving through life .. from the corner convenience store .. to the library.

The community I live in just recently closed down the library I had been going to for .. well this is spooky .. 49 years. They built a new one about eight blocks away. The entire move made no sense .. now it a struggle to find parking and the building doesn't match it's surroundings.

It was hard enough getting used to a new environment, let alone the absence of some people I counted on seeing there.

I drive by the old building nowadays and become quite nostalgic and wistful.

Enough of that .. upward and onward:)

Happy 4th everyone!!

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