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fla-sell cars-pay plan changed and cannot sell used cars-losing over 1000 a month in income

by c foe

also-hired 2 more salesman-when last month- all 6 of us could not make bonus-is this good cause to quit.

Hi C Foe
A change in pay structure may be if you can prove with documentation that you have given it a fair opportunity to work out and tried to first get the employer to be reasonable .. but the way FL is denying initial claims these days .. I don't suggest you do it unless you have the DOCUMENTATION to back up the loss of pay you have experienced. The documentation supports the good cause reason for quitting that you testify to. And the documentation is what most unemployment claimants lack to prove their cases.

If you are making at least 20 percent less than you did before the change .. I know there are Florida decisions which support a quit when your salary or wages have been reduced by this much.

I'd also ask you how long ago this pay structure changed. There this undefined time frame where they may make the decision .. that you waited too long and "accepted the substantial change of pay".

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