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Florida Can I get unemployment if I work a part time job also and lose fulltime employment

by joe wojcicki

I am going to lose my full time job july 1st. I work on call for another company that can give me a 40 hour week for 3 weeks afterward. They are a convention company after the 3 weeks are up I may get no hours at all.They typically only have a few hours a month for me to work. If I pick up the shifts for 3 weeks will that make me lose my unemployment all together from the full time job I lost?

Hi Joe,

No. Actually the wages you earn from this part-time employment will be used to calculate your weekly benefit amount .. if you have wages from them in your base period.

Florida has a one week, unpaid, waiting week. This means your first week of unemployment is not a week you get benefits for anyway.

When the hour are cut back again, just keep filing weekly and report all earnings. The state will make any adjustment to your weekly benefit amount the part time job may have.

The only thing that could possibly affect your benefits .. would be if you quit that part-time job.

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