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Florida - I think I may have become inactive - how do I reactivate my Florida unemployment claim? Do I need to fill out all the paperwork again?


I was laid off of my job in Florida after 3 years in late February. I filed a claim, was approved and was still in the "waiting" period, when I found a temporary assignment which is now ending (this Friday).
Since I started working the temporary job right away, I never claimed any weeks..
How do I go about filing again - Do I need to fill out all the paperwork again?


Click on the link for Florida unemployment benefits on this page and then Florida's frequently asked question link. Your situation is explained in question #4 under "filing a claim".

You won't be filing a new claim, but you will need to reopen your current claim. I do not know precisely what they will need from you, but I can assure you that they will need to make sure that the separation from this temp job is not due to any fault of yours.

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