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Florida - job anxiety, constant travel

by Anonymous

Hello and thank you for this service!

I was hired a year ago for a work from home "southeast" position with a large company. Instead, travel throughout the US 4 days a week, sometimes more (today is Sunday and we're having meetings in the out of town Corp office)...another symptom of the unbalanced work culture here.

In short, I am burning out. I'm on anti-anxiety medication and am starting to lose some hair.

My boss warned me that I am at a stage where many people fall off, but if I can hang in 2 years, I may hit a new plateau that will bring relief. I've not been looking for work in my area (no time)! and I hate the thought of slacking off while I look elsewhere.

I value my health and feel that I have to make a choice between health and this job. The company does provide counseling to deal with stress issues, and I'm signed up to visit with a counselor this week.

Thanks for your valued input!

Hi Anonymous,

Get a doctor to advise you to quit and willing to provide the documentation.

You may also have an argument in the fact that the travel is much more extensive than you were told it would be "upon hire". If you have an offer letter that details the required travel that would be very helpful.

There is also the danger that quitting for this reason could be found without good cause if the employer shows that once you became aware of the "realities" you continued in the employment.

A big factor many people encounter is "appearing to accept change". They may just be in a period of indecision, but if it goes on too long it appears to be "acceptance".

It sounds like you have asked the employer for some "relief" .. this is a relevant and most often necessary step employees fail to take, but the theory is if employment is "at will" and an employer is expected to "warn" us before being able to terminate us for cause .. then we have to reciprocate by warning the employer that we cannot continue on in the employment if things don't change.

This is a very general statement and I always worry that someone who has low tolerance for little bumps and lumps in the course of their employment might think this is all they have to do.

The fact is that we all need to preface our questions with "Would a REASONABLE person, under the same circumstances do the same thing"? Because it is a foundational question upon which, all else is looked at.

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