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Florida - Partial unemployment benefits for someone who works 40 hour a week, but not every week.

by Doug
(Inverness, FL)

I work for my brothers site construction company....we have been on reduced hours for the last year or so. However when a job comes in we work 40 hours a week. Right now, we have no incoming jobs. Can I file for unemployment while still being employed by his company? We might pick up a job next week, if it is small it may only last a few days. I was told I could file and then if i work that week, i dont get umeployment but it would pick back up when the job was over and we had nothing again. Not sure what I can do?

Hi Doug,

Yes, I believe you could file a claim. You would not receive benefits for any week you are working full-time, but for those weeks that you work less than full-time or not at all you should be able to collect something.

It is not against the law to file a claim if you are partially or intermittently without work. Just be straightforward and scrupulously honest with the state about all money you do earn.

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