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Florida unemployment for health reasons?

by Al
(Hudson, Fl, Pasco)

I have had a Work AT Home telecommute part-time position since 11/2007. I have made so far since last pay ck: $6,04.23. I have been only lost 2 full days as I was sick. Recently, I started my shift sick, and had to stop work. I do have a Drs. appointment tommorow and after having full lab work, and not making follow up appointment, I don't think I am going to get a clean bill of health. I have been feeling poorly for some time. I am a 62 yr. old male with family having heart issues. I am having pains in chest as well. My question, would I be eligible for unemployment as a part-timer if my Dr. suggests it would be of my best interest to quit because of health reasons. I am also disable to begin with, and just about lately been able to my shift using computer keyboard. I can not figure out if I am entitled to benefits, what amt. I would possible receive and how many weeks. Also, I maybe pinked slip, as company is cutting back and my work performance for awhile now has been slipping. The only thing I can think of is my health, disability is declining.

Hi Al,

First, it looks like you would have qualifying wages, but the big questions for you would be your ability and availability for work .. it's a requirement for collecting unemployment benefits in Florida .. in fact all states unless the state has temporary disability unemployment benefits. (six states offer something)

The next problem for you, if you are able and available, would be whether Florida will allow you to look only for part-time work.

Florida interprets their law and they don't have a specific provision .. like California, which would allow your job search to be limited to part-time work.

Sorry Al, because I know I'm not providing a very hopeful answer to you.

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