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Florida unemployment while attending college??

by Anonymous Student

I was laid off from my job due to a RIF and have filed for unemployment. However, I am planning to move and continue my education (graduate school) I will not be able to work at all my first year and only part time thereafter for the few years. I had heard that there were some new policies enabling unemployed workers to continue unemployment compensation while continuing their education. Do you know anything about this, or whether I could continue my unemployment compensation in any way?

Hi Anonymous Student,

Very interesting question .. at least to me:)

Here's how I understand that the stimulus package may bring about change in this oh so, antiquated system.

The package is extending financial incentives to states that need to make changes to bring their statutes governing unemployment benefits. This of course requires action by your state legislators. I have no idea how long it will take. Presently, I no of no change in Florida's law that is going to make an exception for someone unable and unavailable for work to receive unemployment. Not all states deny unemployment to college students with sufficient wages in their base period, but those that don't find attending school disqualifying require you to be able and available for work unless in "state approved training".

If anyone can cite a source that states their state has changed or added a significant provision to the unemployment statutes .. please let me know .. I would gladly incorporate the information into this website.

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