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As of July 1st will be unemployed and want to file In Broward Cty. However am moving to Hillsborough Cty on July 11th. Will filing here, now, in Broward Cty effect my claim? Is so, how and what is the alternative. Thank You.


Unemployment is filed with the state, it shouldn't matter where you lived when you filed as long as you are able and available for work in the area you move to within the same state.

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Jun 17, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hi, I lived and worked in New Jersey for 9 years, my job was terminated because the company went out of business..2 years ago I moved to Florida, I've been trying to find work for those 2 years and have had no luck. My unemployment benefits will end in 2 weeks, can you please let me know if I have any other options. Or what I could do,
Thank You

If I knew the answer to your question, I'd have neon lights around it.

My only solution for myself was to do what I'm doing now. I might add I never collected one week of extensions .. instead I quit filing to get out from underneath the constraints of unemployment and bit the bullet, placed ads on the site, and only made 20 bucks a week while I worked on adding more and more questions and answers.

It's only now that I sometimes make what I made at a job each month.

I think it's taken me about two years to get this far.

And I'm just not that sharp when it comes to computers or it might have taken less time.

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