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Florida-If I accept an "on-call" job, will I lose my unemployment benefits.

by toni
(altamonte springs, florida)

I am currently receiving unemployment benefits from an office closure in which I worked for 15 years. I have been receiving benefits since February. I was called in for an interview for an "on-call" position at the local hospital. If I get that job, would I lose my Florida Unemployment benefits?

Hi Toni,

You won't lose your benefits, but the amount you receive will be adjusted to a partial amount.

Florida disregards earnings equaling 8 times the federal minimum wage .. which is due to go up any day now. After they disregard that amount they reduce your weekly benefit amount dollar dollar of what you earn.

If you started filing in Feb. you are due to exhaust benefits soon. collecting partial will make them last a bit longer. You also need to be aware that when they do exhaust you should be entitled to an extension .. so make sure you find out if you're qualified for it and do anything the state requires of you to get it.

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Jul 15, 2009
Per Diem Training Period
by: Toni

Thank you for your quick response to my initial question.
Part 2 of the question is this:
The per diem position I applied for will initially consist of a 90 day / 40 hr week training. Those 90 days will cut into the time when I would need to apply for an extension. My question is: If I am working 40 hr weeks for 3 months, would I still be able to apply for an extension? After the 90 days I would only be called when needed.

Thanks again. This site is very resourceful. Thank you for all the information that you provide.


Hi Again,

That may be a problem, but I'm not sure because I'm just simply weak in the area of extensions. The extensions that are commonplace right now are unprecedented and quite frankly if someone was entitled to an extension .. it was irrelevant to the job I did.

But I do speculate:) and ask that people come back and confirm my speculation .. or straighten me out.

I think that since you will be back to work full-time before you exhaust your benefits, therefore, you will have remaining credits left for your benefit year which would be up in February.

I think for you, it will just be a matter of reopening your claim and when the remaining credits are exhausted then you will file for the extension.

Sure would be nice if the state could confirm this .. eh?


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