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Flu Season Is Upon Us - Don't Forget Your Doctor's Note

by Chris

It's a bad flu season this year and if you think like I do this means you and your kids are not just at risk for picking up the bug, but as a parent that works for a living, being put in the position of protecting yourself for a discharge for unacceptable attendance.

A doctors note is never more important than if you're already on a final written warning for attendance issues.

Your employer can ignore the obvious if they choose and still fire you, but the doctor note you provided documenting a real illness is also evidence that can create a perception of the employer also being unreasonable if you offer that doctors note to the unemployment department as evidence to rebut their assigned burden to prove you did something out of line to cause your own termination .. which must always be for misconduct.

Getting sick and going to the doctor is a reasonable act of a reasonable person that care about their health and their job.

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