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FMLA ended Job Termination

I was on FMLA leave due to a achilles tendon rupture that required surgery to fix. My 12 weeks passed under FMLA so i supplied my employer with a doctors note saying that i was unable to return to work for another two months. My job then gave my doctors notes to their doctor and he determined i should be able to work at full duty after 3 months post surgery. I just started walking within the last three weeks without any assistance and i cant jog or run or put any significant pressure on my repaired achiiles.typical rehab for this injury is a minimum of six months. My job is working security at a high school standing all day, chasing kids, and breaking up fights. Once my job terminates me and i have documentation from my doctor stating i can go back to work will i be eligible for unemployment insurance?

Yes, you should be eligible once you have the medical documentation from YOUR doctor saying you can return to work.

The termination should be found for something not considered misconduct ..

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