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for being tardy and absent

by silently hurting
(E.P. R.I. USA)

I been at my job for 4 1/2 years, I'm a medical asistant and I work closely with the doctor, I have had situations where I have been out of work over the course of the years, mainly because I have a child with asthma and several different kinds of allergies, in which my job was aware of the whole time of my employment there. In June of 2008, my job presented a written warning regarding my attendance, since then I tried to watch my attendance, its hard because if my youngest child is sick with asthma, I have to be home to give him his treatments and monitor him, since the last warning in June, I have tried really hard to watch my attendance, it wasn't until Dec. of 2008 in which I was sick and had to go to the doctors, that I was out again, I had a note and even called my employer from the doctors to keep them updated on what was going on and if i was going to be out of work or not, I decided not to stay out because i was scared of losing my job, I never missed a day again since being out

in Dec. of 2008, then in April of 2009, I had childcare issues, because we moved, and I had to put my youngest in before and after childcare, so i informed my job of the situation, and they even had to write a letter for the childcare office verifying them of my schedule, and there were no indications of any problems, I even informed them I would be late until my childcare gets approved, so I was late about a week in a half, while my childcare was in process, this all took place in the beginning of April, and at the end of April they fired me, and i was very shocked, when I asked them why, all they said was they were An At Will company and didn't need a reason, it wasn't until I insisted on a reason out of respect, is when they said it was based on the attendance issue back from June of 2008.