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For not doing the job fast enough and personality conflicts

by Susan Stone
(Orlando, FLorida)

I worked for an agency that put me at a government job and they hated me from the start and got rid of me in less than 2 months. I was told on the phone by unemployment that I was denied, but haven't received the letter and when I put it on the website to appeal - its not listed as anything to appeal. Which leads me to believe that it takes longer to find out and that I wasn't given a determination and the caseworker guessed that I was denied and I wasn't really denied yet.

Hi Susan,

Since I don't really have an understanding about the inner workings of Florida's unemployment agency...I can only tell you that you have 20 days after the mailing date of the determination to file your appeal. I guess it's always a possibility the determination has been made, but not yet processed or mailed...or it's in the mail. I understand they are very busy and backed up.

You have two reasons as to why you were fired....what's the primary one. What was the final incident that prompted the employer to let you go? Not doing the job fast enough...would make for a weak employer case. Personality conflicts on the other hand, could be translated to mean misconduct for a few reasons.

I'm moving your submission under "appeals" because it's more relevant.

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