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For poor performance?

by Dane
(Lacey, WA)

I've worked as a manager with this company since April of last year. I started working at the 2nd highest revenue store in our district. For the 3rd quarter of the year that I was there I had the number one ranked store. It was a long drive to work though, so after the 3rd quarter ended I asked to be transfered to a store closer to home. So I was moved to another store close to home which happen to be like the 2nd lowest revenue store in the district. Mind you, I was still getting paid as if I was a high revenue store manager. (about a 8k a yr difference) After the entire district struggled for the 4th and new 1st quarter, I was placed on a 30 day notice. I was told by my DM 5-6 othere managers were also on the same plan. If I didn't get my stores numbers up I would be fired. Two days before the 30 days were up, I was let go. At that time, there were 4-5 other stores lower than me in the district rankings. I know at least three of those managers were also on the same action plan I was on. I was the only one let go. I asked why I was the only one let go. I was told, "It's a case by case situation". I worked my ass off trying to get the stores numbers up. Personally, my numbers were amazing. I was by far and away the best performing manager in my district as far as sales. Unfortunately my crew could not keep up with me and as a result it brought the whole stores numbers down. So having said that, could they deny me unemployment benefits? The only reason they gave me was my stores numbers were too

low. That action plan was in writing which I did sign.

Hi Dane,

They can try and in my experience they usually do.

I think it is very likely you were let go because you were being paid 8k more a year than those other managers in low revenue stores and probably 12-15k more than the current manager if a new hire.

They discharged you before the end of the performance plan. They did not uniformly enforce the disciplinary action.

I'd be careful about blaming "the crew" .. too much, it might be an opening for the employer to say the reason the numbers were low was a direct result of your management.

Almost everybody that has asked a question about being fired for failing to attain "quotas" has said it is due to the economy .. it's a reasonable and valid argument.

The way an employer would fight your unemployment is to hold up your former stellar record as an example of what you had shown yourself capable of and compare it to the end results you attained. This entire argument screams "Neglect of Duties" in some way or another. This is how employer's win performance cases.

They need to show that you willfully, knowingly, or intentionally chose not to perform. An employer must prove that there was Misconduct.

You need to combat this with reasons that show attaining the goals were made impossible by circumstances out of your control .. like the economy at a snails crawl. It also wouldn't hurt to mention your personal performance since it was great, but I don't think it would be useful to direct attention to your belief that the reason your numbers were low overall was due to the crew, which could not keep up with you .. after all the job consisted of managing people also.

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