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forced resignation,

by kim

I was being bullied by my worker - who verbally abused and harassed me. She went through my desk a couple of times, called me names and put me down in front of other co-worker and my boss. She was supposed to be my mentor and show me the ropes, She showed me nothing but meanness.

I met with my boss and HR on several occasion, and they did nothing. I told them how was happening and how I was feeling and they never helped or recommended I speak to anyone. My boss actually told me not to go to HR because he did not want them involved.

Another co-worker spoke to HR on my behalf having witnessed my co-worker treating me poorly in front of other co-workers and he was concerned. I started seeing EAP counselor, because I started developing anxiety attacks and could barely function at work and home. The counselor sent me to a lawyer to see if he could assist me in getting out of my contract. He wrote a letter stating this to my employer and they never brought up the letter. Then I get pulled into an office one day and told I am being fired for not following an action plan I just made out and the action plan was not to take affect until April. I was them told I could resign, as an alternative option. So I resigned. They did this 4 weeks prior to my 1 year mark, where I could have resigned and gotten the second half of my sign on bonus of 1500. So now I get none of that.

Please help

How would you like me to help .. other than providing the same basics of quitting I provide in every answer I give.

Use one of the search bars and type this in ..

"quit in lieu of discharge".

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