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Forced to quit after discovering illegal acts at work

(New Jersey)

I was forced to quit my job of over five years, after I became aware of illegal acts by my former employer, his partner and employee.

Although, I have submitted to the NJ Appeal tribunal, witnesses (all co-workers, business clientele, and even patients), written proof from former employee, and in detailed explanation of why I had to walk out of my employment, the Appeal tribunal continues to not investigate this illegal behavior. My former employer also continues to refuse to talk at each hearing (currently awaiting the 4th hearing), and the appeal tribunal doesn't seem to want to do anything in stopping this behavior.

In addition, my former employer had also taken money from my paychecks and failed to contribute to my 401K pension.



An unemployment hearing examiner has no authority to do anything about the illegal activity .. other than to maybe report it at the conclusion of the hearing to whomever needs to know.

Have you reported the illegal activity to the proper authorities?

The hearing examiner determines whether the credible evidence and testimony indicates that you did not quit your job, but were effectively discharged by the employer when you learned of the illegal activity.

Basically, who moved first and whether they can fulfill their burden of proof.

Good cause to quit .. is possible, when an employer insists you do something illegal while performing your job. Of course you have to prove it too.

Other than this .. I'm not quite sure what to say .. except 4 hearings?? and your employer is refusing to speak? ..

Can you explain why? Has a hearing actually been held?

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