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forced to resign from my job

by Mike
(Phoenix AZ)

I requested a transfer 30 days prior, was accepted and approved, I began the process to move out of state, movers end lease, due to state of california too expensive to live on what I make so decided to transfer before I was laid off. When it came time for me to leave my job, the HR forgot and was out on sick leave and didnt do the transfer and said to me all jobs were closed forcing me to quit, HR said it will be no problem getting a job at the same store in AZ . When I got to AZ went directly to the store they said sorry no jobs here.

If you moved from California to AZ it will be a California claim. Read the benefit determination guide to see if your circumstances will hold up in California as good cause for quitting.

I hope you do have some sort of document which shows you were accepted and approved for the transfer.

If you have a question after reading that information .. ask me.

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