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Fraud overpayment

I was working full-time in a department that became laid off and was able to be transferred to another department that was supposed to be full-time. Shortly after I got there, hours kept being reduced as well as the length of the shifts, making it very difficult to take in a good income. I tried to talk to my supervisor about it trying to change the shifts or what can be done about the hours and he said "If you don't like it, then get out" I thought that meant i was fired and had to leave. I later filed for unemployment based on the lack of work, because they weren't giving me the hours i originally accepted the job for and that was reason for all of what happened. I was accepted February 2009 for my determination and received benefits for 26 weeks. I just received a packet today 11/15/2010 and now I am being charged for fraud. They state that i voluntarily quit, instead of being due to lack of work. I want to appeal it, how do i make them understand that I told the truth, what evidence can I use to make my case that my hours were cut and was told to leave? How likely is it to at least get it turned over to a nonfault overpayment? thanks for any help. By the way, this is in Pennsylvania.

All I can tell you at this point is that if things did go down the way YOU say .. you did quit your job and was not laid off and at some point you missed the employer initiated appeal hearing??????

Although I am willing to believe that a few people might actually think they were fired given this type of situation .. it would require a whole lot more to convince me or the unemployment department that you thought this was a layoff when you filed for benefits.

It is not a fraud overpayment because the state now knows that you weren't laid off .. it is because you misrepresented that fact at the time you filed for benefits ..

How is that a no fault overpayment?

Tell me, I want to know .. because if you have evidence or an argument to convince me .. you might also be able to convince the unemployment appeal referee.


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