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Freelance Work While Collecting Unemployment

by Jesse

Freelance Work While Collecting Unemployment

I have just started receiving unemployment benefits in CA and my old employer has asked me to do some small "contract" jobs. I was told by a friend that by definition all people who work contract jobs are technically unemployed so I shouldn't be collecting unemployment. If the contract work comes out to less than the amount I receive from UI can I still continue my claim? If I do the work, does it have to be reported?

Hi Jesse,

Yes, wages earned must be reported when filing the claim for the same week you worked ..

Now, let's define what is freelance work and what should still be covered employment.

Contract jobs are often, still considered covered employment for the purposes of unemployment.

Find out what dictates the difference between contract employment and freelance self employment.

If you're considered a covered employee and you're working less than full-time, you can still file a claim .. report the part-time wages and collect a partial amount of unemployment benefits.

If you work full-time for a few weeks .. or a few months and still have an existing benefit year that hasn't ended yet you can still reopen or add a new separation to your claim .. such as from temp or irregular contract work.

Friends are great, but unless they work for the EDD, I wouldn't bet my weekly benefits on them providing good advice about getting unemployment benefits.

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