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from CA to MD and will go back again to CA

by Therese

I was unemployed in CA for over 2years. Last OCT my high school friend called me up and invited me to go to Maryland .I was able to find a job there but it was only like a seasonal job.

Just last week my boss advised me that my employment has already ended and if they need more people again they would call me up for rehire.
Im planning to go back to CA again next month to find a job since CA pays well ( hourly rate) compare to MD plus the standard of living in MD is really high. Anyway my question is Am I eligible to file an Unemployment benefit in the state of MD though I only worked for almost 3months and lets say for example --I was eligible and got approved for getting u/e benefits and I decided to fly back to CA how can I receive my u/e check? Can it be forwarded to my CA address until such time I was able to find another job again?

Hi Therese
I can't answer this question. There's just too many questions I'd have to know the answer to before being able to figure out if you MIGHT be monetarily eligible .. for a new claim .. possibly based on the lower requirements for a second benefit year.

Additionally .. you didn't mention if you exhausted all extension.

In any case, if I were you .. I'd file the claim through California when I got home.

That way you wouldn't have to fool with address changes ..

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