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getting behind on my heavy workload

by Lori
(Chattanooga Tn)

my employer put an extra workload on me and I could not keep up. I tried my best but it was not enough. They were also downsizing the company and I have only been there around 2 years. I tried my best and I done a good job until the last few months before they fired me and also fired some others. I was told about me getting behind and I tried to catch up. I had no one to help out. I was not told I would get fired until it happened. I signed up for unemployment and in a few weeks I started drawing..then my ex employer filed something and I had to appeal...she could not say I had a willful I started to draw I got a letter stating I need to appeal again because they want me to pay back all I have drawn so far...why is it so hard for someone to draw that has lost their job for just getting behind on their job? I did not do anything under the misconduct and I did not quit.

Hi Lori,

I can't really tell what has happened from what you've said here, but one of the reasons unemployed people have a hard time keeping unemployment benefits is because they do not understand how the system works or what they have to do in order to protect themselves while still employed.

I don't understand the overpayment determination if your employer lost the unemployment hearing. I would actually have to see the documents.

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