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Getting demoted

by Holly
(Jacksonville, Florida, USA )

Well I worked at this job for 5 years and the position I was in was not needed anymore therefore they told me that they were transfering me to another department and that I was getting demoted from $17 an hour to $12 an hour. I told them that I can't live off of $12 an hour and that I would love to move to the other department and keep the same $ but they said no. So I resigned. Would I be able to collect unemployment in the state of Florida until I could get another job?

Hi Holly,

Although it is very hard to find precedent decisions for Florida. I have found decisions before which found that a 20 percent reduction is good cause to quit.

Your hourly rate was reduced nearly 30 percent .. so if it were me .. I'd fight to the end that you had good cause to quit your job .. and just as a sidenote .. what the employer did do to you wouldn't have allowed you to collect a partial benefit amount for a loss of hours.

They should have laid you off .. if they had been nice .. or at least reconsidered the amount they reduced your hourly rate .. so they might have had a valid argument against you collecting benefits.

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