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getting fired for taking an unpaid sick day

My husband is a truck driver. They keep him out every single weekday and he's lucky if he get's home even on saturday. He keeps telling them he has to go to the doctor. He's been gone so long, the doctor won't refill his meds unless he sees him again, yet he still thinks they'll fire him if he tells them he has to have an appointment. He's on a dedicated run and they would have to fill that position. He doesn't get paid sick days and we already used our vacation for the year. We live in Illinois, but the company is based in WI.


If he takes meds and is required to go for a checkup every so often to get refills .. His requests for time-off to go to the doctor are reasonable. If he fears for his job .. he should be documenting his requests, by date and time, who he asked for time off and their response. Tell him to climb up the employers chain of authorities if he does not get approval.

For Godsake !! Tell him to make an appointment so he can get his meds refilled .. tell the employer the date and the time and explain the necessity.

Is he that obedient or afraid of you???

If all you've said is accurate and you didn't leave anything out .. and they threaten him with termination or actually fire him .. file in Wisconsin .. he should be able to get benefits .. Wisconsin has one of the highest recipiency rates in the country. In other words .. one of the few states that give unemployment more often than they deny it.

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