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Getting laid off at fulltime job but still have parttime job can I still get unemployment

by Anonymous

I am getting laid off temporary from full time job, I have a part time job can I still get unemployment or do I need to quit my part time job. How much would I receive.

Hi Anonymous,

Do not quit the part-time job. If you do you could be making a mistake that will stop you from being able to collect benefits.

In addition, if you have wages in your base period from the part-time job, they will be used to calculate your weekly benefits amount.

You will have to report the wages from the part-time job and the state will disregard a percentage of your earnings before they start reducing your benefits amount. This amount can be found for whatever your state is
by clicking "monetary eligibility on this page and then going to Table 5-8.

But remember that the WBA will be higher because of the earnings from the part time job. If you quit it would be found without good cause and the wages wouldn't count.

The danger in quitting a part-time job particularly after you have been laid off is that the quit is subsequent to the qualifying separation. It can and does stop a person from collecting the benefits they had been entitled to.

Many people have quit a part-time job so they could better search for full-time work only to find out that they messed up.

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