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Getting laid off in May- have an offer for 3 days of work in June. Can I take the work and reapply the next week?

by Susanne
(San Diego,CA)

Thanks in advance-this is new to me. I am a nurse and am getting laid off in May, when the grant that funds by position ends. My husband and I plan to relocate so I will start looking for work in late June or early July in the area we are moving to. Meanwhile, I can do some contract work for 3 days, in June. Can I take three day job and still continue/restart unemployment after that week? I would prefer the three days of work, over collecting unemployment.




You need to be careful. I don't really have enough information about the type of contract job you are considering, but you should be aware that any separation from subsequent employment becomes the controlling employment for continuing the claim .. as well as refusing subsequent suitable work.

In fact, anytime someone tells me they are going to take a contract job .. I think "temp job" and the word "temp" sets alarm bells off for me because continuing benefits are decided on the most "recent work".

When temporary staffing agencies provide subsequent work after a layoff .. they become the most recent work .. and they also aggressively fight benefits and are often successful. I'm not sure if this applies to the job you may be offered, but it is relevant to a whole lot of people.

I also suggest that you consider the fact that although entitled to benefits for a layoff, one of the main "eligibility conditions" for benefits is that you are able and available for work and seeking suitable work in each week you file a continuing claim .. so the move also presents concerns because you mentioned you would not start looking for work until late June, early July.

One more thing, when someone does work three days in temp work, they may still be able to collect a partial benefit. So once you file the initial claim .. that will be the claim for one year ..

Since I have too many unanswered questions about your specific situation, I suggest you read what California has to say about
managing a claim.

You might also just acquaint yourself with some issues that may have an effect on your benefits, such as
"Able and available" and "suitable work".

And here's hoping that you find another job quickly .. so you don't have to deal with unemployment, but for a very short time:)


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