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getting the ok to leave work for a family emergency with the promise that I'd try to return later in the day?

by E.J.
(S.W. Pa.)

I am a server at a rather large national resturaunt chain in Pa. Two days ago (Friday) we were hit with 14+ inches of snow overnight. The store closed 6 hrs early that night. The following morning, Saterday, I called in and was informed that we wouldn't be opening and not to worry about comming in. Sunday morning, we lost all electricity, internet, cable and phone service in my home. It happened at 9am and I was to be at work at 10. I made it there but promply asked my manager to speak with me in private. As I explained my situation he was very understanding and let me go home. As I was leaving I said "if i possibly can, I'll try my best to come in later and help out, being that there was a major football game on and I knew that because there was an exceptional amount of homes with out electic they possibly could get busy. Unfortunitly, I was way to concerned with my family to go back to work. I forgot to mention that it was 6 degrees that day! I know I can be fired because of the "free will" thing in Pa. but is that a good enough reason?

I've called off once in the last 4 mo. and am never late. I also work 6 days a week and pick up alot of extra "unwanted" shifts!

Thank you for any advise you have!

Hi EJ,

Well, here's what I've got to say about that:)

First .. before I say a word. Tell me why the employer thought and then stated you deserved to be fired. I'm not clear on that part. I know why you say you were fired, but in my opinion .. I have trouble giving advice without looking at everyone's "unemployment problem" as if it were a snow globe and view from different angles .. namely 360 degrees .. which is actually why I offer consultations.

While you're at it .. mind telling me what the attendance policy is and if it requires progressive discipline?

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