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Getting unemployment after being laid off by staffing company

(San Diego, California)

I recently graduated with an accounting degree. I was working an entry level accounting job not making much money, but gaining experience. when my student loans were soon due for repayment I began looking for a better accounting position making more money so I could afford the loans. After posting my resume on online websites, I was contacted for a job. I met with a recruiter and then interviewed with the company. I was later offered the position, but the recruiter stated that they wanted to start me off as a temp-to-hire to see if I would be a fit for the position and that I would technically be employed by the company that the recruiter worked for. turns out that they are a staffing, or temp agency. I was skeptical about agreeing to be temp-to-hire but really didn't want to pass up the opportunity and I did not think that I would have any issues at the job. I am a hard worker and fully qualified for the position. About a month and a half into the job everything was going great, I had recurring good reviews from my boss, I was taking on more responsibilities, was doing well. One Wednesday about an hour after coming home from work I received a call from the recruiter at the temp agency saying that that was going to be my last day and that I no longer held the position. There was no explanation. I honestly think now that they had no intention of keeping me on, and only used me during there busy time and to complete projects. I immediately updated my resume and started seeking other positions, but in the mean time I have bills to pay. I have loans, rent, and everything else, so I applied for unemployment. I have a scheduled phone interview with the unemployment office. I am not sure how unemployment works and am wondering what my chances are for approval. what are some do's and don'ts and things that I should say in the interview. I am located

in San Diego, CA.


Of any type of employment .. my personal thought is that when it comes to lack of work claims while an employee of a staffing agency .. you must be on your guard and clearly understand what type of employer you are working for as well as the state provisions that so many states have specific to temp or staffing agencies .. regardless of what they call themselves.

The first thing anyone should do is check Table 5-3 to find out if a state has a provision or interprets favorably for temp or staffing employers when an assignment ends .. because that doesn't mean your employment with the staffing agency has ended .. therefore .. most people would consider it a lack of work.

Temp agencies would prefer to show that you have voluntarily quit your job .. if you don't call them everyday begging for another assignment.

Most temporary work provisions state that failing to call for another assignment is a voluntary quit without good cause .. and why I always recommend backing ever call up with an email. To prove you called.

In fact, temp agencies almost without exception protest benefits regardless.

Several years back, prohibitions against a practice many staffing agencies used .. called SUTA dumping.

The reason being, the nature of the work has a high occurrence of lack of work claims .. which means they are constantly paying the highest unemployment tax rate possible .. so they would shut down one business and reopen a new one with a lower tax rate.

I suspect that the interviewer will want to know if you have sought more work from this agency or been offered another suitable assignment which you refused .. and this can also be disqualifying.

The problem for me is .. I don't know how they protested your claim. You'll be able to tell by the type of questions you are asked.

Just be honest about the way the job ended and if you happen to be denied .. appeal. because it's winnable.

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