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Getting Unemployment and GED, will I lose benefits?

by Carlos

I have been on Unemployment for about 3 months now in the state of Nevada, I just started going to school to get my GED which will last for about 6 weeks. As I was filing my weekly claim y picked 'YES' where it asks you "are you currently attenting school or training" and because of that my benefits have been put on hold because 'my response has answered a question about my eligibility' Now I have to call them to explain this. Will I lose my Unemployment benefits because of this? Thanks.


I don't know .. I would expect that anyone who was wanting to get their GED would get it through the classes available through a workforce center .. or whatever Nevada call the office where you check into school and training.

The point of this page is to encourage people to take the opportunities to go back to school, but to do it with the knowledge that what has happened to you can happen .. so instead of rashly moving forward with a plan to better yourself .. take the time first to find out what the possible pitfalls are.

You will need to talk with someone at the state .. before you talk to the "phone interviewer".

This is who I would contact first.

Here's the thing Carlos .. when you are collecting unemployment .. your job becomes looking for work. If you take it upon yourself to go to school without first getting their approval .. they suspend benefits pending an investigation into the eligibility condition that insists you must be able and available for "suitable work" .. unless they give their okay first that says you don't have to be.

Collecting unemployment is very much like being the employee of the UI dept. You have to follow their rules and procedures .. or else.

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