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Goin back school And Company doesnt not to work with my schedule

by Enrique

I've been working for the company I work for 18 months I'm gonna be attending school in the fall of 2011. I'm gonna be going full time and also gonna be playing college sports.

I talked to my supervisor about working only 2 days out the week but they want me to work with my schedule what can I do in this situation

Oh Enrique. Why do you think there is anything to do in this situation, but live with your decision to attend school and play college sports?

I suppose, since you are in CA you might try to make a case for unemployment benefits because the employer refused to give you a part-time position, but then we'd have to know if that was an option for the employer, but that does not dismiss you from still being able and available for suitable work (which is what you've been doing the last 18 months .. now does it?

California unemployment benefits when you choose to quit to attend school

I can't even count anymore how many times I've written these words. ..

When it comes to collecting unemployment benefits, Work trumps school.

Your request for accommodation .. is in my opinion due to a personal choice and albeit a valuable choice for your future, you are the one trying to alter the conditions of employment .. with the school thing and even I agree with CA on this .. it's not a compelling and necessitous reason to quit a job .. it's a personal reason.

Why should employers be expected to pay unemployment benefits for our personal non-compelling choices?

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