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Going to school to finish highschool

(San Diego CA)

I have been unemployed for 9 months no luck finding a job most jobs that is available either requires high school diploma or GED.I am a single mom with 3 kids i started going to school from 3-5pm(T,W,Thurs.)to get my diploma now i have a phone interview coming up soon my EDD check has stopped.When my check did not come I called EDD and they told me that i won't be receiving any check until i had a phone interview.So the same day i went to the school and told them about my situation and they told me that it is an open class to deal with my interview first then if they approve it then come back anytime.What are my chances of still getting approved for unemployment?god knows i have been searching for a job.please help me...CA


Are you taking the class through the EDD? Did you get training benefits?

Getting a GED is something you can do through any state employment office.

So, I'm wondering what is considered suitable work for you and what you did when you filed for continuing benefits that caused the suspension so that the EDD feels the need to investigate.

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Feb 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hi!no i did not get it in EDD but i went to there website and the school that i was going to was listed on there approved schools.they stopped paying me because i check the box YES if I started going to school.And I was an electronic wire bonder i used to wire bond IC prototype parts.The only thing is i did not tell them before i went to school.the only reason i went back is most of the job with my experience is asking for high school diploma or GED.I figured after 8 months no one hiring me i figured to start going back to school so i could finish my high school that way i could get a job faster.


Clearly, then, you asked me your question before you read my warning about getting school approved first .. or being certain that if you decided to go to school on your own that you take care not to create an "able and available issue" for yourself.

Go to the the California benefits determination guide and read about your issue .. then, if you have a question, I'll be glad to discuss it with you.

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