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Good Cause Question- Firing/ Quitting

by Mike
(Orange County, Ca)

I have worked for a consulting firm for the last six years. This work has nearly been 100% travel Monday through Friday, (out of state, sometimes international). I have never complained about this travel.

I am unable to travel for personal family reasons moving forward. I would like to collect unemployment while looking for a local job.

Can I still receive unemployment if I voluntarily quit for being unable to travel these distances? (There are no local clients)

Can I still receive unemployment if I am unwilling to travel, and force my employer to fire me?

What direction provides the best opportunity for receiving unemployment?


The best protection is always to first try to preserve the employment, which often times does lead to being fired or receiving no reasonable accommodation from the employer which would allow you to keep the job, thereby supplying the good cause to quit.

Refusing to travel itself would be dependent upon your personal reason for not doing so and seeking accommodations from the employer, otherwise this is called insubordination.

California has a section just for you in the benefit determination guide to explain when quitting is with good cause or if you like when a discharge is not with good cause. In fact they have quite a lot just for you because they do allow for quitting due to personally "compelling" reasons.

California unemployment guide to good cause or not.

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