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Good cause to quit

by Baby Fly 6

I quit my job as a housekeeper because I was called a liar to my face by the general manager of the company. An employee accused me of cursing her out on the job and I did not. There was a witness to this conversation and the witness went to the manager and told her that she heard the entire conversation and I did not use profanity. After the manager was told this by the witness the manager sent us back to work and as I was leaving out of the office the manager stood up in my face and told me that she still believed that I cursed out the employee because I was a liar. I quit because I felt that she had a preconceivd opinion of me based on what my accuser told her and after the manager was presented with evidence from a source that wasn't involved she still felt that it was her place to call me a liar to my face and I quit because i felt that i was unfairly treated. Please tell me what you think is this good cause or not.


Tell me, does there happen to be someone above the head of the manager that called you a liar to your face .. vs. gossiping about you being a liar behind your back, that you could have gone to in order to report her for calling you a liar?

Maybe an HR department?

Had there been any other occurrences of this type of thing with her before .. that should have caused you to report her through an established grievance procedure.

Possibly the owner if no HR department.

Did there happen to be a witness to the manager calling you a liar? As there was for the conversation with the co-worker.

Was the person that overheard the conversation in which you did not cuss out a co-worker .. your friend?

Was there some specific reason, you can think of that the manager would take the word of the employee that claimed you cussed her out over yours and your witnesses word that you did not?

What exactly .. is it that you can prove, that might be good cause to quit?

Because you were the moving party and despite the fact that your manager called you a liar .. she did not fire you.

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Jan 12, 2011
good cause to quit
by: Baby Fly 6

No, there had not been any other occurences other than the one that caused me to quit, and file a discrimination claim with the state. I felt discriminated against because of being black. It was the word of 2 black women against one white woman and I figured she called me the liar because I was black. The person that called me a liar to my face was the general manager and I did not know who was the next in the chain of comand to report this to. So that's why I filed the discrimination claim. The person that overheard the conversation was not a friend someone I meet on the job. I do not know the specific reason why the general manger did not believe me but I figured race played a role. I think it was good cause to quit because she judged me with bias. She had a preconceived opinion of me based on what my accuser told her and after being presented with evidence from a source that wasn't involved she still felt it was her place to call me a liar to my face. there was a problem when she called me a liar to my face when I was telling to truth. I couldn't work under those circumstances and if this would have never occurred I still would be working on this job....

Jan 12, 2011
Proof, Proof, Proof
by: Chris


Please don't misunderstand me .. even I wouldn't stand still for being called a liar .. because I too would most likely do the same thing as you. Working for a paycheck is a piss poor reason to stand still for blatant disrespect from someone that clearly doesn't like you .. but because we have laws .. we have to prove things too or it would be a free-for-all.

You and I are also not talking about what your state might decide eventually about whether discrimination is what motivated her calling you a liar.

We're talking about good cause for quitting with regard to the unemployment department.

If you thought my initial reaction was harsh .. you ain't seen nothing yet because I don't have the power to deny you anything.

If you believed the comment was motivated by racial bias .. then you definitely did the right thing by reporting her .. but as I keep saying, when we quit a job .. we have stronger cases if we have proof ..

If I had been you, knowing what I know, I would have not quit at that moment in time .. I would have went home .. filed the claim and went back to work the next day and the next and the next because I know I need to gather more nails, more proof that the word "liar" was racially motivated.

Who knows what might happen .. I might even hope for something more to happen.

The word "liar" itself can apply to anyone of any race or color. You know that .. I know that .. we all know that.

Good cause for quitting carries with it terms such as "exhausting all reasonable alternatives", "efforts to preserve the employment". That is where the burden lies for unemployment benefits when you quit.

Your position now is is up for interpretation by the unemployment department .. and a credibility judgment .. This is not a choice position to be in.

Undoubtedly, you are a member of more than one protected class. You and I even share a class to be sure .. we're both women. If you're over 40 we share one more .. age (by the way, I believe I have been discriminated against due to age, but I never pursued it .. because I had no proof). If we were both in a wheel chair .. we'd share another .. disability.

But, filing a claim of discrimination after only one episode .. without a witness .. for being called a liar, leaves you wide open to the discrimination claim being ineffective .. because you haven't mentioned anything resembling proof that the name was racially motivated or intended except your belief that it was.

If you had filed the claim and not quit .. then future occurrences of behavior by her would have presented more opportunities for you to gather more proof .. including maybe a claim of "retaliation" because you filed a race discrimination claim against her.

I'm not done yet.
Cont'd in the next comment

Jan 12, 2011
Proof cont'd
by: Chris

As far as the unemployment claim .. and whether this "one time occurrence" amounts to good cause to quit .. is now going to require unemployment to base their decision on "credibility". Who do they believe more. And this is a best case scenario.

Why, do you think I asked you if there had been a witness to her calling you a name?
The truth is .. there is every possibility that if you both end up at the unemployment appeal hearing .. she may be the liar.

And then .. all you have to rely on is the hearing officer deciding who is telling the truth.

Evidence and witnesses that corroborate your testimony, compel the person listening to the facts to consider the weight of the witness testimony and evidence on top of yours.

I could go on Baby .. about the fact that even if a co-worker had overheard the comment .. about how hard it is to get a co-worker to be willing to prop your case up with testimony.

People live in fear of losing their jobs .. which does nothing more that to enable the bullies of the world.

This is a human frailty which really bothers me, because this victim mentality in my mind is not much different than the one that abused spouses live with.

They are helpless too, but even family turns a blind eye .. What's wrong with this? Everything.

So Baby, I am very dubious about your ability to collect unemployment, but I am relieved that you are the type of person that simply will not stand still for the crap.

But I wonder, if you happened to have a witness to the name calling .. would they be willing to be your witness.

Would you do the same for someone else?

Would you encourage them to quit on principle?

Or, if they ask about whether they could collect unemployment, would you encourage them to calm down, think it through and wait until such a time they had the proof that the powers that be want/need to see?

Mar 09, 2012
is this good cause
by: Anonymous

have a daughter with menkes disease and seizures and my boss doesnt train me on my jobs she just expects me to do them and i cry at work cause really i dont know what im suppose to be doing and when i ask where something is they tell me over there or just stare at me like really u dont know. The same company just shut down my store and they relocated me and promised me more money to travel and i didnt even get my raise.

Once again, I need to get someone to reorient themselves on the issue and tell me what they have done that might lead to the good cause to quit their job.

The information the unemployment department is interested in is what you've done prior to quitting to preserve the job.

Then and only then, can anyone know if the employer was being unreasonable in response to your efforts .. and that is actually where the good cause comes in.

All I can hope for right now is that you haven't been traveling for the employer too long already.

And that you live in a state that has some reasonable rules about the time, distance, and travel conditions that make a job suitable work.

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