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Got Fired for clocking in on time, but not starting to work right away

by G. G.

I worked for an apartment complex for 7 months in Wichita KS. I worked 7-4 M-F. I clocked in and was on the premises parked and getting my tools to go to work that morning, and walked into the area I was working that day at 7:10.

The next day I was called to the office and fired. The manager lied to the supervisor telling her I clocked in at 6:53 but didn't go to work until 7:25. It was a flat out lie. I never had an issue with my time clock before. I'm in Kansas, a right to work state.

Can I sue this company for wrongful termination? I couldn't get my unemployment because my fourth quarter wages were a 100 dollars short to get it. me with any ideas

The Cause for Discharge .. Time Theft

Hi G.G.

I have reasonable reservations about you being able to prove your lack of guilt of misconduct to the Kansas unemployment department, had you monetarily qualified.

So, why would the same go for suing your former employer for a wrongful termination.

At best, you admitted, it took seventeen minutes from the time you clocked in, to finally walk into the area where you were assigned to work that day.

I am a reasonable person who does in fact enjoy helping others see, or at least find, a reasonable rebuttal argument, that makes sense, but then to do that, I need the whole story to effectively understand if there were other extenuating circumstances that mattered, leading up to the final incident and discharge.

But hey, you wanted to know if you can sue your employer for wrongful termination .. which I can discuss, somewhat coherently, without it being my particular area of expertise .. because hey .. I am a non-attorney.

What does it take to win a wrongful termination lawsuit?

PS Kansas may be a right to work state (right to work laws, are in my simple opinion, laws used for busting labor unions) but Kansas is an at-will employment state .. in fact like all other states, with the minor exception of Montana where an employer does need good cause to fire an employee. But now I'm talking our our employee rights, while working at will as an employee.


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