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got fired from a part time job had an interview on phone with unemployment waiting for determination

by Doris
(New Jersey Unemployment Benefits)

Got fired from a part time job had an interview on phone with unemployment waiting for determination.

I worked part time for about 4 weeks while collecting unemployment after the company I had worked for, closed.

I was fired from the new part-time job because they told me they thought I knew more than I did.

The claims examiner told me that the office manager said they had to let me go because of the mistakes I was making and for asking too many questions, and that I caused their business to lose money for things i did not do, and that they were still working on correcting all of the mistakes I made.

The claims examiner then asked me if I feel I did the job the best that I could to the best of my ability.

I told her yes, but I could have done a better job had they given me a list of treating patients.

I was working for a chiropractor and physical therapy practice and I was suppose to do precert.

I had asked the office manager for a list of their treating patients so that I could make sure that I was not missing any one that needed to be precerted. She never gave it to me. She also never showed me how to open the schedule so I could see who was treating.

On the day that they told me they had to let me go because I had skipped some patients who needed to be precerted I told the office manager if she had given the list of patients this would not have happened. She said i should have gone through all the files on the wall to see who was treating. oh
yeah this is is new jersey

Hi Doris,

Don't feel bad .. it could've been any state:)

I only have one thing to say that would be related to getting NJ unemployment benefits.

If the determination denies your benefits .. be certain to appeal.

You didn't tell me about anything that might rise to any one of the levels of misconduct NJ felt like they had to add last year .. so they could deny more benefits and impose stiffer disqualifications for "severe misconduct".

The employer mis=hired plain and simple or the office manager was annoyed by a new employee asking questions trying to become familiar in a new job and didn't feel inclined to train you in her office procedures .. so you could do the job.

The bit about the money and time your mistakes are causing them still, is just a cheap shot attempt to make it sound like you caused the employer's interests "harm".

You would have been there a lot longer for the employer to sustain a burden of negligent performance.

If I said anymore .. I'd sound like I was bitching about all employers.

The truth is that I only have a gripe with certain kinds of employers .. and they usually aren't the business owner .. but one of the employees (like an office manager) that employers employ.

If the officer manager were to get fired and come to this site to ask a question .. you know her account of the events leading to your termination would be different .. right?

Ironic .. don't you think?

That's why everyone should find ways to document what happens and what is said at work when they imagine or know something is becoming a problem at work.

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