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Got the employer's appeal via e mail..

by Vanessa
(Orlando, fl)

I was granted Unemployment in Orlando FL on July 17, I was fired due to missed days..I had been injured at work and due to pain, stress called two days. WC was denied but medical benefits are been paid. After a few weeks of benefits paid, my employer is appealing the Unemployment benefits. What can I do? should I get a lawyer? I have doctors notes, I am in therapy for back injury. Can I win? do I have to pay back for those weeks? These people are so evil....

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Aug 12, 2014
by: Vanessa

Well evilness it is relevant to me, people who like to harm others it is evilness..Anyways, I got injured at work, I have been under medical treatment since then under workers comp. I got fired for calling two days that was related to the injury. Workers comp. denied paying for lost wages, so I applied for Unemployment. They found in my favor and has been receiving payments for about 3 weeks. Now my employer is appealing the decision. What can I do? I have a hearing coming soon. I want to know if I have a chance for a lawsuit or do I need a lawyer. What are my chances to win this appeal. I have excellents review from my work, but after getting hurt and confronting my supervisor about working conditions, not providing accommodations by Dr's orders, they pulled out the days I was absent or tardy to write me up for it, and firing me.

All I was saying is evilness is irrelevant in an unemployment appeal hearing because that's often part of the claimant strategy .. to prove an employer was evil, instead of rebutting why misconduct was not the cause for discharge.

Aug 11, 2014
You're in Florida, Why Not Let a UI Hearing Rep Evaluate
by: Chris

Evilness is irrelevant.

Are you telling me you called off work due to a work related injury for which you reported to your employer and had already been denied workers comp for?

Are you telling me you are now receiving some sort of medical benefits, or did you mean to say unemployment comp benefits?

Are you able and available to work considering you are going to therapy for a back injury, I presume is because of the job injury you were denied WC for?

Do you have doctor notes for the two days you called off?

Why a lawyer for unemployment when Florida doesn't require it?

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