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Graduated, then received unemployment, now I have to pay it back?


Hi. I attended and worked at a university, graduated, and found a seasonal job. Upon completion of this job, I applied for unemployment benefits, and between working at my university and the seasonal job, I was qualified to receive unemployment benefits. I accepted those based on the assumption that I was entitled to those benefits. I later found a job, making minimum wage, and working part time, and therefore ceased to receive my benefits. I then received a letter in the mail saying that I may have intentionally misled the unemployment insurance agency into paying me benefits that I knowingly was not qualified to receive. I sent them a letter back detailing the issue. Yesterday, I received a letter in the mail telling me that I owe restitution in the amount of $1080. Because I had taxes taken out of my checks, I only actually received $925.02 over the course of 9 weeks. The letter states "It is determined that claimant did not intentionally make a false statement, misrepresentation, or conceal material information in order to obtain benefits to which not entitled." I don't understand. I did not falsify any information, and was granted benefits. It seems like an error on their side that I was approved for these benefits if I should have been otherwise denied. Do I have to pay these back? I am only making minimum wage, part time. It would take quite a long time for me to come up with this money. Also, if I DO have to pay it back, why do I owe more than I was initially paid? I am completely frustrated, as they should not have approved me and paid me, had I not deserved it, and am now therefore in a worse situation than I would have been in if I had simply received nothing at all.Please tell me what I should do.


Please see the Overpayment chartbook at DOLETA.

Please note, Michigan does have a non fraud overpayment waiver potential for you.

You'll probably need to appeal to get it.

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Apr 16, 2011
Been Thru This Too
by: Anonymous

I went thru almost the exact same thing. It was like reading my life. I only wish I knew how to contact you to talk about this subject.

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