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gross misconduct: but it was an honest mistake and electronical error

by amy
(indianapolis, IN USA)

I worked @ a medical office x 2 yrs. Never written up for anything, always received great reviews. I was fired b/c I updated my own medical chart. This was something that many of our "small" office did on a regular basis. It was never an issue, well I updated my medical prescriptions and we recently started doing an auto fax prescription, but many glitches and "bugs". When I updated my prescriptions it tried to fax them to a pharmacy. There were 3 total, 2 were antibiotics and one was a Xanax. However, I know you can not ever fax a Rx for Xanax due to control issues. The computer did it on it's own. I have been given the Rx by the dr. in the office, and the dr. admitted this. It was a mistake that they were tried to fax over. Between that and the fact that updating your own chart was not an enforced policy.

I filed, was denied and I have telephone appeal

Hi Amy,

You're just going to have to explain that it was done by all in the office, the policy had never been enforced before and the reason you were fired was because of a glitch in the system .. But what the employer is going to say is the big question.

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