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handbook policies/ failure to report accident

by Gary
(River Falls WI)

I was an employee for 3+ years without any policy violations. I hit a fire hydrant with my company provided work van, causing minimal damage to van or hydrant (broke saftey chain). Just over a year ago i entered a 35 day treatment program for drug and alcohol abuse and have been clean since. My direct supervisor was not working on the day of the accident, so it went unreported to her until next time i talked to her. I provided her with a drawing of what happened, and details of the accident. I believe i was fired more because they couldn't drug test me after the accident because it went unreported until 2 days later.

Hi Gary,

And here I thought when first reading the title you were going to give me something to work with.

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What info would you like
by: gary

what do you need, i have all sorts of papers. Is this something I can pursue or is it going to be a lost cause. If need be, we can do this over the phone. I would however like to know if I have a case that is worth continuing?

But Gary, that's what I charge for .. evaluating individual's cases if they are willing to pay me. Discussing your specific details and hether I think there is a case .. That would include looking at your documents .. asking you the questions I think relevant to determine the possibility of getting benefits or whether a lost cause.

The free Q&A's from the past are there to help you determine whether it may be worth continuing.

The fact is .. someone can be guilty as hell and pursue "it" but you are quickly approaching a threshold you will not shove me across.

If you'd like to schedule a consultation to discuss whether it is worth pursuing then do so.

If you don't like the way I determine when someone is asking for a consultation with free questions .. then don't.

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